Recruitment Careers in Gambling

Careers in the Online Gaming and Betting Industry



The online gaming and betting industry is expanding all the time, and it is creating new job opportunities at the same time. Any growth industry is going to create new job opportunities, and online gaming and betting has constituted a growth industry for around twenty years now. The Internet landscape and the gaming landscape in general have both changed a great deal since then. Today, there are careers available in the online gaming and betting industry that people never would have imagined a decade ago or so.

Game Testing

Game testing has been an extremely coveted job for a long time. To a certain extent, these people will get the opportunity to play games for money. The growth of the online gaming and betting industry is going to be creating new opportunities for game testers everywhere. These job opportunities will be rare of course. The job is also harder than it sounds, given the level of experience and understanding of the technical details that testers are going to need in order to really offer useful reports about the games that they play. However, this is still a dream job for many.

Programming and Tech Support

The websites that host online games and casino websites in general are going to need people to program them, as well as programmers to update the websites. They will also have a highly-trained tech support staff that can handle any of the glitches that might arise. These kinds of websites deal with a lot of high bandwidth content and have a lot of players, so they are going to be more prone to problems than many other sites. Programmers that are skilled with sites of this nature and tech support staff members who have experience in the gaming industry will be highly in demand in this particular sector.

Game Developers

Online casinos are adding new mobile games and new casino games all the time. The game developers who are able to supply them with genuinely new games are going to manage to increase their profit margins, while making a name for themselves. People who can devise mobile games in particular are going to have an advantage.

Customer Service

Many online casinos are going to have live chat options. A number of them will offer support that lasts twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. They’re going to need many dedicated staff members in order to meet those requirements, which is going to translate to more job opportunities for the people who have the requisite skills.

Writing and Affiliate Marketing

The online gaming industry is going to create more job opportunities for writers and affiliate marketers, who are going to be promoting the various online casino venues. Online gaming companies are going to promote themselves online to other Internet users more often than they’re going to promote themselves in any other format. As such, people who are involved in online marketing as marketers or as marketing copywriters are going to be in a situation in which they are going to be working for the online gambling industry.


The rules of blackjack and roulette


Blackjack and roulette are very exciting and thrilling online games. The blackjack and roulette games are of many types and levels according to the level of expertise of the players and experience. The roulette is a casino gambling game that originated in France. On the other hand, the blackjack is also a casino gambling game that originated in Spain.

Both games are widespread in the UK and the countries bordering the Caribbean Sea and of late common also in the United States. The games have rules that have to be followed in order to determine the winning team.

The Blackjack rules

The first step is to ensure that you have selected the right table for blackjack as they are all different for the different casino games. Playing of blackjack involves acquisition of the chips from the dealer which are bought by cash which is just placed on the blackjack table as a sign of etiquette. Make sure that you have enough cash for the game. Around 40 dollars will do.

Always make sure that you have mastered the value of each chip by the color. The mostly used standard colors for the black jack are usually black, green and red. The game also revolves around bets using the chips.

When playing the blackjack, always put your chips in a pile of stack according to their merit of value with the chips of the greatest value at the bottom.

Once the game has kicked off and the cards have been laid, the bet is out of bonds to the one who has placed the bet. Only the dealer is allowed to count the chips to assess their value.

Cashing of the chips once the game is over being not done at the table but at the cashier of the casino. It is not allowed for money to be cashed over the table by the dealer.

Once the smaller value chips are too many for your stack, it is recommended that you exchange them with the dealer for chips with a high value to save you the trouble of carrying around so many chips.

Once you are done with the game, you can either go to another table with the chips you have acquired or cash it as the casino cashier for your money if you do not wish to continue.

You can show the dealer your cards especially when you are an amateur or if you want to ask questions.

You should have also mastered the value of the cards before the game which is as follows, the ace is of value 11, the Jack, Queen and the King are value 10 and the rest are equivalent to their number value.

When playing the cards, use only one of your hands, not both of them and the cards should not be so close to the body.

For determination of the winners and losers or even ties, the loser is the one who has a hand total of beyond 21. Otherwise the rest are winners and their bets are paid by the dealer.

For the blackjack, hand signals are commonly used when making the decisions of either hitting or standing which means drawing another card or settling at the total at the moment.

You are also allowed to double the value of your bet by doubling down only if you have two card hand. Otherwise, it may not be possible if the condition is not met.

Splitting of pairs is also allowed in blackjack game. This is possible when you have two cards of the same rank. You therefore play with them autonomously during placing of the bet.

Resplitting is also another allowed action by Blackjack This happens when you have added a similar pair at hand so you split them to acquire another hand.

Splitting Tens is also allowed which means that it is possible for you to split any card valued at 10 such as the Jack, Queen, etc.

Splitting of Aces is also allowed but you will be limited to draw only one extra card on an Ace.

Insurance of the bets is allowed only by half of the indigenous bets by the dealer.

Surrender during blackjack games can only be done as an initial step at hand and not as a way to bail out as it is not allowed.

Rules for roulette

This game has one of the simplest and easiest rules in gambling. The game is played on a wheel with 38 numbered slots. The colors used are black and redraw ball is rolled in the opposite direction of the rotation of the wheel by the dealer.

The game also makes use of a table that accommodates numbers exceptional of 0 and 00, in three groups. A space is also allocated on the table for betting.

The game consists of both the inside and outside bets which are not limited to the player of the game. For the outside bets, the rules governing it are:

Column bet where the next spin is determined by a color in a specific column. This always results to a reckoning of 2 or 1.

For the dozen bet, the the table is grouped in multiples of twelve, normally three and the chip then dropped in either of the three boxes to give a payout of either 1 or 2

High bets and low bets are also possible where the high bets are considered for numbers ranging between 19 and 36 and for the low bets the numbers are between 1 to 18. Both have payouts of 1. Other bets placed include the odd, even bets, black and red bets.

For the inside bets of the game, they include the following:

Straight bets which where the chips are directed to the intended number, the split bets where the chips lie on two numbers and the trio bet where the chip must be located at on the outside contour of the intended row. For the corner bet, the chip should be at the middle of four numbers. Other kind of the inside bets are the five number bet and the six-line bet.